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New contextualized evangelistic cartoon for India
Videos and animations are a key to sharing the good news in the Majority World. Yet the range of materials in other languages, and especially in a culturally-appropriate format, is shockingly limited. The YWAM School of Animation and Cartooning for Missions has just released an evangelistic animation called Coconuts.


Tom Wright unpacks biblical contextualization in Christian mission
Theologian Tom Wright give some helpful explanations of biblical contextualization in this 10-minute video short.


Contextualization without compromise. Tell the gospel so it makes sense
Valuable explanation from Pastor Tullian Tchividjian of the strategic importance of biblical contextualization. The ministry of Jesus clearly demonstrates this sort of contextualization. Today’s popular culture also offers us multiple entry points for effective evangelism.


Defining Christian web pages on the X Spectrum Scale - a diagnostic tool for outreach
In the missions world of church-planting, a helpful C1-C6 spectrum has been devised to define the degree of contextualization that a church is using in relation to the culture surrounding it. The concept has been developed by strategists John Travis, Phil Parshall and others. In conjuction with Create International, we propose a similar categorization of X1-X6 to define the conteXtual positioning of Christian websites (and indeed other media – radio, video, and literature).


Lausanne World Pulse - Complications of Communicating the Gospel:
Why We Should Take the Culture of the People Seriously. Contextualization is imperative to reaching the unreached. Understanding the culture we are in is the beginning of the process.


Lausanne World Pulse - Contextualization in the Islamic Context
Contextualization in ministry to Muslims needs to consider all the barriers to why Muslims have historically been resistant to the gospel.


Lausanne World Pulse - Contextualization that Is Comprehensive
Comprehensive contextualization includes not only theology, but all seven dimensions of the religious life.


Lausanne World Pulse - Contextualization and God’s Global Mission
Missio Dei establishes the priority of God’s activity in terms of mission and characterizes God himself as being a missionary God.


Lausanne World Pulse - Contextualizing Western Workers: Gifts from the Muslim World
Muslim interaction can give us at least four contextualized gifts.


Lausanne World Pulse - Before Contextualization: Critical Incarnational Living
Critical incarnational living and contextualization of the gospel go hand in hand.