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Take Care of it Before the Price Goes Up - #6753
The sin bill will never be smaller than today. Victory will never be more within your reach than it is today. The cost is going up! Take care of it before the price goes up any more.


Convenience Costs More - #6391
The least expensive choice is almost surely the one that will take longer, require more risks and more faith. Don't fall for the lure of what's easy right now. It's probably pulling very hard, but you can't afford the price tag. The narrow road leads to life. The destination is what counts.


Hundredfold - a Christian perspective
Following Jesus can sometime mean making huge sacrifices and letting go of things we value greatly. But Jesus promises that all who are required to make great sacrifices will be fully rewarded for their faith.


Cost - a Christian perspective
Christians aren't to act rashly or foolishly. Just as you wouldn't start building a tower without first figuring out what it would cost, we shouldn't make decisions without considering their spiritual repercussions.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Cost of Compromise - #8085
See, temptation never tells you where the first compromise is going to ultimately take you. Moral explosions and marital explosions and integrity explosions usually start with just a small compromise…


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Improving Your Batting Average - #8009
Probably nothing has cost more people God's best than impatience. You get the wrong mate, you get the wrong career, you get the wrong life. Don't reach for it; wait till it comes to you in God's perfect timing.