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God in the Bible: Genesis 1:1
"In the beginning...." What an amazing introduction to the God of the Bible. This brief verse tells us that God was present at the very creation of the universe. Whatever one's beliefs about how Creation occurred, God's guiding hand in it is established in the Bible's very first verse.

Earth in the Bible: Genesis 1
"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." The Bible begins with this account of God's creation of earth and its inhabitants. Christians debate and discuss the means by which God created the earth, but what this passage makes explicitly clear is that it was God who did it.

Creation in the Bible: Genesis 1:1-31
Where did we come from? What's the meaning of life? The answers to those questions aren't simple, but they have their roots in the much-debated opening verses of the Bible, which describe God's creation of the world and everything in it. From the very first verse of the Bible, God's role in creation is made clear.

ANSWERS magazine - Build a biblical worldview! (from Answers in Genesis)
ANSWERS is a quarterly, subscription-based magazine. Colorful, beautifully illustrated. Communicates the importance of Genesis in evangelism and discipleship. Science and culture articles equip readers with practical answers to share the gospel message and the accuracy of the Bible with confidence.