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True Woman: Before You Vote . . .
As you know, politics is difficult, and often a “dirty” business. We have to remember that in November we’re choosing the better of two candidates, not the better of two evils. (Why do we not phrase it, “choosing the greater good”?) Someone will indeed get elected, and God wants us to choose wisely.


True Woman: Conversation with a Taxi Driver
He was from a tiny country in East Africa—an immigrant, divorced long ago, with children he dearly loved. My friend Lynette and I slipped into Kintura's taxi cab at our hotel after the final session of the True Woman conference.


True Woman Blog: Tethering
When I am not proactive about my relationship with God, I “drift” into my own way. A canoe that is not tethered to a pier drifts out into deep waters where it can be capsized by high waves.


True Woman Blog: Christmas shopping? Skip the squid soap.
Regardless of when you decide to shop for Christmas, don't go out unless you're armed with at least three things.


True Woman Blog: "Good Tidings" for Fearful Days
It's easy to be afraid today, hearing news reports of wars and bombings, listening to dire financial predictions, and seeing corruption all around us. But God does not want His children to struggle with fear. His message throughout Scripture is “fear not.”