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Avoiding overly apologetic apologetics
If you follow apologetics at all, you're likely familiar with Christopher Hitchens, the fiery...

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Christian apologetics: using apologetics answers and discussion in evangelism online outreach
Although many non-Christians have no interest in discussing apologetics issues with Christians, there are some who have the mindset to ask questions and debate issues. Indeed, in the modern world where there is no longer any consensus about truth and values, apologetics can still be strategic.

Avoiding overly apologetic apologetics
Have you learned how to earnestly contend for your faith without either being obnoxious about it, or apologetic about it? How do you respond when challenged to defend a belief that might draw scorn or skepticism?

Debate - a Christian perspective
The writer fears that when he comes to visit the church, he will find it full of exactly he doesn't want to see: foolish debates, arguments, and bickering. Unity was important in the early church, and should continue to be a priority for us today.

The People of the Book - recommended videos
Included on this page are a series of debates covering some key issues in Islam and Christianity. There are also videos about Islam in Europe, and about different groups within the Islamic community.