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True Woman Blog: Asking Why
Is there something painful in your life right now that you don’t think you deserve? Something that’s causing you to cry, “Why, God?”

True Woman Blog: Mary Ann on "Voices": Whimpering to Jesus
"Recently I had my fourth kidney stone. Have you ever had one? The pain is unrelenting, consuming, and unresponsive to any 'over-the-counter' pain meds. It's a paralyzing, helpless, hopeless kind of feeling. My initial response to the pain was to focus inwardly and whimper to Jesus for relief."

True Woman Blog: When the walls come crashing in
But then it happened. Like falling dominoes, segment after segment of ten-foot tulling walls suddenly came crashing down. Gasps of horror preceded a deafening silence as we realized that hours of hard work now lay undone at our feet.

Hope for Uncertain Times
Learn how to survive—and thrive—in an economic crisis.

Dealing With Difficult Trials
How can we cope with loss, tragedy or difficult circumstances? Why does life have to be so hard, anyway? Through this series of articles, we will search God's word for answers to "How To Master Your Circumstances, Before They Master You".