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Ravi Zacharias International Ministries
An international ministry of apologetics and evangelism—answering skeptics' questions about Christianity and helping Christians better understand their own beliefs.

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Have you ever been disappointed by your church? Few churchgoers can say they've never been...

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Earlier this week, Chris wrote about his reaction to a major disappointment in his personal life....

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Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Trouble With Sandcastles - #8054
I guess you could define sandcastle this way—something you put a lot of effort into that doesn’t last—like a relationship maybe, a career, a marriage, a goal that meant a lot to you. Maybe you’ve watched the tide take out something that you put a lot into. You know that makes us keenly aware of our need for something—well actually, Someone that you can’t lose.

ROH Radio :: Serving God Through Singleness: A Conversation with Carolyn McCulley :: Hope
Hope Deferred from the Series: Serving God Through Singleness. This is a Conversation with the author of Did I Kiss Marriage Goodbye?, Carolyn McCulley.

Just Thinking - Our Disappointments Matter to God
Adapted from a message by Ravi Zacharias based in part upon a chapter from his most recent book, The Grand Weaver: How God Shapes Us Through the Events of Our Lives