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Is Your Church Doing an Easter Pageant?
Whether they call it a play, a pageant or a drama, many churches dramatize the Easter story in a...

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Communicators who can't communicate: video humor skit
Lessons here – and laughs – for any communicator in any medium.

Free evangelism challenge Christian drama scripts, encouraging Christians to do digital evangelism
Short drama sketches are a powerful communication tool, both effective and biblical. All the dramas below are completely free to use adapt, or republish.

Why Christian drama communicates. Is it biblical and effective? Plus free drama skits.
Sometimes Christians have been wary of using drama. “Can it be right to communicate in this way?” they ask. Others may happily use drama for children, but consider it has no relevance for communicating to adults. We suggest that drama is an under-used yet essential means of communicating Gospel truths, both to Christians and non-Christians. Of course there are dangers. There are dangers with preaching, dangers with street witnessing, dangers with web evangelism, dangers with radio evangelism. Let’s look at why drama is biblical and effective.

A Minute Before Friday: Jo Kadlecek
A Minute Before Friday A Novel Light can be hard to spot. Ivy League secret. Will she be able to withstand--and expose--the truth?

A Crooked Path: Annette Smith
A Crooked Path An Eden Plain Novel by Annette Smith

The Big Picture : Jenny B. Jones
The Big Picture A Novel

Finding Hollywood Nobody: lisa samson
Finding Hollywood Nobody A Novel

The Restorer's Journey: Sharon Hinck
The Restorer's Journey A Novel

Worship and Special Services
Here you'll find products to help you add dynamic drama in the church, plan creative services on a regular basis--or for special occasions--and learn how to have a super children's church.