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Burning bush - a Christian perspective
When God first called Moses to lead Israel out of Egypt, he appeared as a burning bush that, despite being aflame, did not burn up.


Let my people go - a Christian perspective
Moses famously confronted the Pharaoh of Egypt with a simple demand: let my people go! Pharaoh refused to release the enslaved Israelites, and paid the price through a series of plagues.


I am who I am - a Christian perspective
When asked for a name by which God should be identified to the Egyptian Pharaoh who had enslaved His people, God told Moses to simply call Him "I AM"--a reference to God's eternal, omnipotent sovereignty.


Goshen in the Bible - a Christian perspective
After his rise to a position of influence in Egypt, Joseph invited his family (even his brothers, who had betrayed him) to come to Egypt and live in safety in Goshen, near Joseph.


Egypt - a Christian perspective
One of the most defining events of the Old Testament is the Israelites' rescue from slavery in Egypt. This is the beginning of that story; in this passage, we learn of the Israelites' oppression and slavery in the foreign land of Egypt.


Red sea - a Christian perspective
God brought Israel out of slavery in Egypt with a mighty miracle: the parting of the Red Sea. The sea parted to let the Israelites pass safely through, but closed in on the pursuing Egyptians.


Moses in the Bible: Exodus 2:1-25
Moses was one of the greatest of the Old Testament leaders of Israel. This passage records his birth and the events through which God moved him into a position to lead the Israelites on their exodus from Egypt.


Joseph in the Bible: Genesis 37:1-36
Joseph is one of the most colorful and interesting characters in the Old Testament, and is an inspiring model of someone who trusted God through years of trials and difficulties, and who was richly blessed only after a long period of misfortune. This is the famous account of his early life and his being sold into slavery.


"I Am" in the Bible: Exodus 3:14
Of all the names attributed to God in the Bible, "I AM" is one of the most intriguing. With this name, God declares His eternal, everpresent existence, and reveals that He has existed and always will, throughout all of history. It was a breathtaking declaration, and something that the false gods of Egypt in Moses' day could never match.


Estonian The Prince From the River
Estonian : A new Pharaoh makes the Israelites slaves. Pharaoh has the boy babies killed. Amram and Jochebed put their baby in an ark on the Nile River. Pharaoh's daughter finds him and calls him Moses. Miriam ensures Moses is nursed by his own mother before he goes to be with Pharaoh.