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People always wanted electronic connection, even in 1969
Social media, in its widest sense, goes back beyond the beginning of the Internet, as this infographic explains. It is not a passing digital fad. People have always wanted the opportunity to interact electronically. Social media is perhaps the defining communication movement of this century, and highly significant for sharing the good news – if done appropriately.


Electronic book readers like Kindle - potential for evangelism and Christian ministry
Electronic book devices such as Kindle are probably at the stage that sat-navs were several years ago – rather expensive, a few usability issues, and maybe only for early adopters. But they are surely destined to come down in price, and improve in usability. Jakob Neilsen reviews the Kindle 2 here and is impressed in many areas – he finds his reading speed equal to a paper book – but highlights issues which are not yet optimal. He also posts separately on content design for the Kindle. You can also use the Kindle to send email. As electronic readers gain in popularity we have the opportunity to offer free literature to users in Kindle format, which they can download wirelessly.