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Always Beyond Your Reach - #6114
Celebrate everything you do have. Focus on all the good things your Father has done for you, and let Him turn praise for Him into blessed contentment for you. Because this stubborn push to always get what we don't have - well, it's for babies.


No Flood, No Drought - #2410
Truth with tenderness! Love with limits! That is a dynamic life-changing duo! Truth is good, but too much of it without love leaves people cold. Love is good, but too much of it without truth leaves people in hot water. Give the people you care about "both," like Jesus did. "No Flood, No Drought." Jesus gives us both, and He captured our heart and changed our life. Your truth will challenge their heart, and your love will melt their heart!


"Seek ye first" in the Bible: Matthew 6:33-34
It's often the case that we put our spiritual life on a lower priority than other, "more pressing" concerns in our lives. But in this passage, Jesus tells us that a properly balanced life is one that puts Jesus above our other priorities. When we seek him first (some Bibles word it "seek ye first"), God will take care of our other concerns.