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The Amazing Reason Why You Are Where You Are - #6036
There's an eternal reason why you are where you are occupationally, geographically, situationally, parentally, physically, emotionally, maybe even medically. You've been given a stretch of spiritual beach where Jesus has assigned you as the lifeguard, and you can be sure there are spiritually drowning people there within your reach.


Life On Death Row - #2942
God says condemned people can go free - people sentenced to die can, in a moment, have that death penalty canceled and receive the gift of eternal life. How? By putting your total trust in Jesus - Who went to the cross as your substitute, dying your death penalty. In the moment you say, "Jesus, I'm Yours," you have "crossed over from death to life."


Banged Up But Running Well - #5781
A car can be hit hard and it can be all banged up, but that doesn't have to affect its performance. It's the condition of the engine that counts. You can be hit hard and all banged up, but it doesn't have to affect your performance. It's the condition of your spirit that counts. And God stands ready to jump start your spirit each new day if you'll focus on your Lord and not on your load.


Fighting the Cold - #5749
Are you pursuing your kingdom or Jesus' Kingdom? Living in a sin-saturated world, it's easy to grow numb, especially numb to the lostness, the dyingness of the people around us. To care only about that which affects your personal world and not much about the world for whom Jesus gave His life.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Sincerely Wrong - #5681
the key to being rescued by the only Rescuer God sent is to grab Him like a drowning person would grab a lifeguard. You may be sincerely devoted to your church, your spirituality or your religion but sincerity in the wrong way is still fatal. The way to life is to abandon all other hopes of getting to God and putting all your trust in Jesus to forgive you and to take you to heaven. Anything else, anything less, is a road to death.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Leaving a Mark - #8122
Now, the example may seem a little crazy, but the impulse behind it is something inside all of us to make or to leave some kind of mark with our life; to live a life that really matters.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - When a Neighbor Becomes a Hero - #8070
It’s rescue—realizing that our neighbors and our co-workers and our fellow students are trapped in this deadly situation unless a rescuer goes in with the only One who can save them.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Trouble With Sandcastles - #8054
I guess you could define sandcastle this way—something you put a lot of effort into that doesn’t last—like a relationship maybe, a career, a marriage, a goal that meant a lot to you. Maybe you’ve watched the tide take out something that you put a lot into. You know that makes us keenly aware of our need for something—well actually, Someone that you can’t lose.


Living in Light of Eternity--Psalm 90
It's very easy to get caught up in the here and now, but how often do we think with an eternal perspective? Nancy challenges us to see life from God's point of view and to live life in the light of eternity.

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Bible Concordance :: Eternal
Forever; with no end. God is eternal (Deuteronomy 33:27; Isaiah 26:4). Followers of Jesus are given the gift of eternal life, meaning "life in the age to come." Life in the age to come has begun with Christ's resurrection and will continue for those who belong to Christ.