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True Woman Blog: New Year, New Focus
The Christmas rush is over, the holiday meal is behind, and you “go-getters” have probably already relegated the lights and decorations to storage. Things should be slowing down a bit, so now is the perfect time to evaluate and plan.


When Do We Need Revival?
We need a fresh visitation of the Spirit in revival when these fifty evidences characterize our life.


True Beauty
Take this heart check test to help discern your thoughts, motives, and goals regarding beauty.


The Style Quiz
Take this true/false quiz to discover what you really believe about clothing. (Taken from "The Look: Does God Really Care What I Wear?" Answer key included.)


Questions to Help You Discern Truth from Error
Become an expert at evaluating what you read, hear, and watch each day in light of the Truth!


Questions for the New Year
Take the time to ponder these questions--and you'll live a much more purposeful life in the New Year.


How's Your Love Life
Take this "love test," a spiritual inventory based on 1 Corinthians 13, to determine specific areas of need in your life.


Disciplined Eating
Twelve questions you can ask yourself in order to determine whether your eating is sinful or not.


Different Ways of Deceiving
Flattery and exaggeration don't seem harmful, but God desires truth in our innermost parts. These questions will help you to examine ten important areas in your life and relationships.


Becoming a Woman of Virtue
How attractive are you in God's sight? Use these questions to help evaluate yourself.