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Have you ever fasted?
Fasting is willfully giving up something for a length of time. For Christians, we fast in order...

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The Daniel Plan & My Rebel Yell Against Self
To tell you the truth, when I first agreed to do The Daniel Plan, I was really dreading the detox. I thought it would be like the extreme ones I’ve done before — you know, like only celery root and water chestnuts for ten days or, even worse, lemon juice and water for two weeks […]

Prayer and fasting - a Christian perspective
Prayer and fasting were both integral parts of the early Christian church. Paul and the other early Christian evangelists encouraged these practices wherever they went, especially so when it came to ordaining elders.

Fasted - a Christian perspective
The practice of fasting is employed by believers throughout the Bible as a way of re-focusing their minds on God, repenting of sin, and reminding themselves that God provides for our needs.

When you fast - a Christian perspective
It's fine for Christians to fast and undertake other acts of devotion, but when we do, it's important not to make a big public act out of it. The goal should never be to get attention for ourselves, but to focus our thoughts on God.

Fasting in the BIble: Matthew 6:16-18
The Bible's guidelines for fasting focus primarily on the spirit in which you fast. Are you fasting as an act of private worship and devotion? Or are you fasting just to get other people's attention, to seem holy?

Fast in the BIble: Matthew 6:16
Humility is an important virtue, and especially so in worship. The point of acts of worship--prayer, fasting, or charity--is to glorify God, not our own egos. Those who make a big public deal of their good deeds and acts of worship in order to look better in the eyes of others are hypocrites.

What does the Bible say about fasting? Do a Bible word search on the keyword "fasting" to find out.

Peter and the Power of Prayer
Peter goes to Joppa and raises Dorcas from the dead. Peter stays with Simon a tanner where he has a vision. Cornelius a Roman centurion is visited by an angel who tells him to send for Peter. Peter comes and the Holy Spirit falls on the Gentiles when they believe and they are baptized.

Lausanne World Pulse - Themed Articles - Prayer and Fasting for Evangelism
Biblical guidelines for combining fasting with prayer evangelism

Devotions and Personal Growth
If you want to prioritize your life, check your spiritual growth, experience personal revival, or find a guide to spending time with God, this is the category to visit.