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My father in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Jesus declares in these verses that he and God are one. He declares his father to be greater all. This verse is a clear indicator of the Trinity.


Seen the father - a Christian perspective
Jesus followers asked to see God--not realizing that Jesus was himself God, and that they had been walking and talking with God ever since they first met Jesus. Jesus affirms here that his words and actions are those of God Himself.


Father son in the Bible - a Christian perspective
We should think of God as our heavenly father and us as his sons and daughters. Since we have been made worthy by Christ's sacrifice we can now enter into His inheritance our Father's sons and daughters.


Abba - a Christian perspective
One of the most amazing aspects of the Christain faith is God's adoption of us as His children. As His children, we have the right to call him "Abba"--father.


"Father" in the Bible: Romans 8:15
Key to the Christian faith is the belief that, when we're saved by Christ, God embraces us as His children. Not slaves to be abused and bossed around; not servants who must obey or be dismissed. Rather, God gives us the privilege of calling Him our Father. Consider a father's love for his children--and how much greater is God's love for His children.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - A Father's Greatest Gift - #5670
As a father, you have a lot of important roles, but none so cosmic, so eternal as planting God in your son or daughter.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Looking For Daddy - #4054
In fact, maybe for you the word "father" is a hurting word. In one way or another, your father wasn't there for you - physically, financially, emotionally, supportively. You went to the door, but there was no one there. That leaves an emotional deficit in a life that can make you feel incomplete, cheated, unexplainably lonely, trying to compensate for the lack of a father's love in countless ways, some that leave you even more scarred.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Futile Fugitive - #5365
When you're running from God, you are a destabilizing, destructive force on everything and everyone around you. People you care about are getting hurt by your rebellion. Not to mention how much you're being hurt, or you're going to be hurt.


Growing Deeper with God: Discipleship Journal®
Growing Deeper with God. Become an intimate friend of God. Yet God's call to know Him extends to all believers, regardless of time, pressures, or obligations.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Gift of a Daddy - #8049
If you’re a father like I am, there is no greater gift you can give your son or daughter than being the daddy they need. I’ve worked with a lot of young people, and so many are living with a daddy deficit. They’re forfeiting a life that matters and making all kinds of heartbreaking mistakes.