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For My Daddy Showed Me So
This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. — 1 John 3:16 Several years ago Nancy wrote to tell me the deep struggles she and her husband wrestled with over placing their severely handicapped son, Brad, in a residential facility. Should they bring him home? Did the […]


DIY Father’s Day T-shirt Filled with Faith
It’s a tradition at our house that every Father’s Day, my husband gets a new T-shirt to add to his wardrobe. But these T-shirts aren’t any normal shirts. Oh no! It’s a DIY Father’s Day T-shirt handcrafted by his four little kiddos, and they are always treasured and worn with pride! We’ve had fun with […]


Daddy Dates: Dos & Dont’s
Have you ever wished there was a manual for parents? Or maybe at least a list of dos & don’ts? Well I may not be able to help you with a general rule book, but I can provide some insights when it comes to the topic of raising girls. Recently I met up with a […]


Fathers in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Just as children are expected to respect their fathers, fathers are instructed not to frustrate their children, but to raise them in a godly and gentle way.


Avoid Spankings - #2549
You will ultimately submit to God's way sooner or later, after a little pain, or a lot of pain. Now, take advantage of my friend's scientific thinking, why not eliminate any more pain? Why not do what God said to do, now! It's the road you were made for anyway. Is your way really worth all this pain?


4-D Glasses - #2501
You're not looking at just your circumstances, you're looking for your Lord at work, in your phone call, in an accident that was avoided, in a word of encouragement, there's the Lord in that little child, there He is speaking through that powerful storm, in the geese going by overhead, through some unanticipated help in your life. You find yourself thanking God often throughout the day, and you lose the complaining.


A Daddy, Not A Bear - #3729
All God's anger and punishment for all your sin fell on Jesus. What He's offering you this day is not condemnation, but forgiveness, not anger but love, not hell but heaven! It's all yours for the receiving - if you'll open up the one love you can totally trust.


Security Checks for Families - #5827
A selfish husband, a defiant wife, a rebellious child, a frustrating parent: they each bring things onto your family's flight that can bring it down. But we each can do our part to make our home a safe place to be, where people are built up, not torn down. We each have a position to play to bring love and encouragement and respect to the other members of our family whether they're doing it or not. Be sure you're not bringing things aboard that can hijack your family's happiness.


When It Hurts to Copy Your Father - #5751
There are things our father and mother did, things they said, that we were determined not to repeat when we had kids. Well, so much for that good intention. All too often, the longer we live, the more we sound like or act like our father or mother in ways that we never wanted to repeat. We know how much those things hurt us, and in spite of ourselves, they are now hurting our children: that same temper, that same critical spirit, that same manipulating, guilt tripping, harsh words, withdrawal or selfishness.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Why Always Right is Wrong - #5672
Someone who insists on always being right loses the very respect they're trying to maintain. A healthy human being doesn't care who was right, they only care about what is right.