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Perhaps the best church website resource help available: Internet Toolbox for Churches
Internet Toolbox for Churches is exactly what it says on the tin. If you are a church leader or webmaster, Dave Hake's newsletter, podcast and short articles are essential reading. View his latest posts, and sign up, at InternetToolboxforChurches.com The significance of his vision is that he understands and explains how to make church digital strategy (website and social media presence) outsider-friendly, and not just a noticeboard for church members or believers looking for a new or holiday church.


Make your church, ministry or nonprofit site mobile friendly
There really aren't any exceptions to this. Your site needs to completely usable on a smartphone or tablet. If your site runs on WordPress (a great way to go for any sort of site, not just a blog), there plugins such as WordPress Mobile Pack or WP Touch which will set this up for you in seconds. For other sites, there are various ways...


Stop people leaving your website. Ingraphic and testing
Think about it. How many confusing websites do you leave in frustration? Apply the same outsider's eye to your own. Or, much better, test your site with web users of only modest web ability, who do not know your site. This is easy to do and will repay the time and effort a thousand times over.


Build effective church websites that reach the community
Without a website, a church is effectively invisible. With a website, you potentially create a shop window for the community to peer through. What is on display, especially 'near the glass', is very important.


Research study on making church websites outsider friendly and evangelistic
Ceri Longville, a student at Redcliffe Bible College in Gloucester UK, has just published her college dissertation on church websites.


Making Facebook fan pages for churches and Christian ministries part 2
Part 2 of the series of the excellent tutorials from Church 2.0 is now online. You can view Part 1. See also Equipping for Eministry blog post – Part 1 of Are You Using Facebook Effectively? And August is OurChurch.com’s Social Media Month with coverage of many aspects. Latest posting is 5 Myths Believed by Those on the Social Media Sidelines.


Free church website tips: build an effective evangelistic church site to reach your community
Design and build a website to reach the community “A church is the only organization that exists primarily for the benefit of non-members” – William Temple “Week in, week out, more visitors turn up at our church on a Sunday because of the website, than anything else” – King’s Church, Kingston UK: a church site design using these principles


Church evangelism: short story about using your church website for evangelism
“We need more lodgers,” said Maria Silversmith to her husband Milo one evening. Ten years back, they had bought their large rambling house to accommodate six children as well as two elderly relatives. With only the two younger children now left at home, the house seemed achingly empty, even with the presence of Tim their lodger, who had become like one of the family. “Let’s make a webpage, then people looking for lodgings can easily find us,” suggested Milo.


They know nothing! Assume zero knowledge when writing evangelistic material
“Most Christian literature ... begins too far along the evangelistic process; it assumes that the reader has at least some basic knowledge of Christianity and biblical concepts,” said the director of a very effective literature outreach recently. If you grew up in a Christian environment with Sunday School or regular Bible classes, you may not realize that many people know little or nothing of the Christian faith. Even in a country such as USA with a very high level of church attendance, there are many millions of people who have never read any part of the Bible or visited a church. In other English-speaking countries including UK, church attendance is usually very low – less than 5% of the population. In most other parts of Western and Eastern Europe, India, and China, the number of Christians as a percentage of population is tiny.


Building Facebook fan pages for church and ministry using FB markup language
Church 2.0 blog is just starting a 6-part series on designing a Facebook fan page, particularly with churches in mind. This includes using ‘Static FBML’ code to create stunning and individual effects.