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Not in a Hurry - #6374
Trust your Father's timing. He does make everything beautiful in its time. Trust God's timing even if it seems late to you. God always seems to work a little more slowly than I want Him to, but He's always right on time.


Prudence in the Bible - a Christian perspective
God grants us complete and total salvation, along with the wisdom and discernment to do His will on earth in response to that grace.


Fullness - a Christian perspective
God send Jesus to be born on earth when the time was exactly right--He waited until everything was set according to His plan, acting not a moment too soon or too late.


Romans 11:11-36 - Into Thy Word Ministries
Paul speaking to an agrarian culture uses an illustration that all would know and understand intimately. He gives them a warning and at the same time encourages them...


Applying the Mind-Set of Fullness - Into Thy Word Ministries
Session III of Love and Relationships! Fullness equals knowing who you are in Christ, and what He did for you on the Cross—that we are complete in Him!


The Fullness Of The God-Man ~ H.Bonar
Here the voice of the Son of God breaks in and interrupts the utterance of the apostle. John had been speaking of Jesus; and now Jesus speaks. He speaks of Himself, but in new figures, and in a new style of language. We are carried back to the first chapter of the Gospel of John, and the first chapt