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Sin: setting ourselves above God
What was so bad about Adam and Eve's sin in the Garden of Eden that it merited the judgment that...

Today's devotional: mankind, the hope of Creation?
Much discussion and debate has taken place over the meaning of mankind's God-given "dominion"...

Today's devotional: oil spills and the responsibility of stewardship
When your family gathers together during the holidays, are there certain discussion topics that...

Today's devotional: the corrosive power of anger
Few Bible stories are as well-known as that of Cain and Abel. It's the story of the first murder,...

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Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Who You Are and What You Do - #5412
Years ago, people even got their name from what they did: baker, fisher, tanner, weaver. But God never meant for you to anchor your identity to the work you do, the position you hold, the milestones you accomplish.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Reasons to Quit; Finishing the Race - #5414
Your "race" is any track that God has set you on in your life. And you may have started well, but now it's gotten really hard. There are more and more reasons to quit. But in the words of Galatians 6:9, God is saying, "Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up."

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - What Your Child May be Missing - #5473
All children, no matter how old they are, need to know that their mom or dad loves them and is proud of them. It's that triple-A combination: our attention, our approval, our applause. Sadly, far too many sons and daughters, some all grown up now, are starved for their parent's blessing. Without it, they can make a lot of mistakes looking in all the wrong places for what only Mom and Dad can give them.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Boss is Never Away - #5483
Temptation is strong at times when we think we're anonymous, when we think no one will know, when sin offers an attractive way to meet some deep need we have. Some tragic, life-scarring mistakes have been made when a person was away from home, on vacation, with their guard down, enjoying some "downtime," or when they were drunk or when they were high. The lie is that what we do when nobody's looking, when we're "off-duty."

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Recycling Your Garbage - #5527
It's amazing what they can do with garbage, isn't it? They recycle what seems vile and useless and they make it into something useful. That's the very kind of miracle God's been doing for people for a long time. He wants to do it for you.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Gilligan Zone - #5598
With one short-sighted decision, Esau entered what I call the Gilligan Zone. You decide to do something that will feel good for a while, thinking it will only be a three-hour tour. But you end up in the Gilligan Zone, farther than you ever wanted to go, staying longer than you ever wanted to stay. And for you, that may be no TV plot, it has happened to you. It all starts when we do an Esau. We do something because it will get us through right now, it will meet a need for us, only to hurt from it for years to come.

This introduction to the book of Genesis reports on the title, author, outline, and date of writing. Historically, Jews and Christians alike have held that Moses was the author/compiler of the first five books of the OT. These books, known also as the Pentateuch (meaning “five-volumed book”), were referred to in Jewish tradition as the five fifths of the law (of Moses).

What does the Bible say about Adam? Do a Bible keyword search on "Adam".

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Time to Leave - #5293
Starting school is no longer an issue for most of us. But leaving what's safe to step into the unknown is very much an issue for many of us. And some of us are refusing to take the step that will ultimately enlarge our life, like starting school enlarged mine.

How Did Defense/Attack Structures Come About? - Answers in Genesis
Many people question the goodness of God when they see “nature, red in tooth and claw,” and therefore, they accuse those who believe in the Bible of not seeing reality in nature’s fight for survival, which in the view of the secular scientists substantiates evolution.