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Today's devotional: the Word of God, among us
As Christmas approaches, Christians around the world affirm that they believe in Jesus Christ,...

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Isaiah Learn how the prophet's proclamation of God's judgments and His promises applies to us today. God also comforted the humble with glimpses of a Prince of Peace and a Suffering Servant

1 Samuel: A Life-Changing Encounter with God's Word. Wayne S. Nelson
1 Samuel - Old Testament history is anything but dull. This study makes Samuel, Saul, and David come alive! Moral corruption. David, the man after God's own heart.

Genesis: A Life-Changing Encounter with God's Word
Genesis - A grasp of this first book of the Bible is foundational to understanding all the rest of Scripture. Book of beginnings. God creates the heavens...the and woman. But rebellion breaks out, and God begins the task of mending His relationship with mankind.

Living the Questions in Mark: The Navigators
Living the Questions in Mark. Using this ten-week study, readers and small groups can grapple with some of the provocative questions Jesus posed to his followers in the gospel of Mark, enabling them to embrace life's uncertainties and strengthen their faith.

Living the Questions in John: The Navigators
Living the Questions in John. Life is full of questions, and an honest believer learns how to embrace those questions and build a stronger faith in the process.

Living the Letters: Ephesians: The Navigators
Living the Letters: Ephesians. Explore the rich wisdom of Ephesians on topics such as trusting God, His church, and finding our identity in Christ.

Becoming a Woman of Excellence: Cynthia Heald
This best-selling Bible study has helped over one million women understand who God designed them to be. Discover the freedom you have to serve and please God. A Goal Worth Pursuing.

DFD Leader's Guide (revised): The Navigators
This resourceful leader's guide provides all the insight and information needed to share the essential truths of discipleship with others, whether one-on-one or in small groups. Seven foundational steps of discipleship and experience the spiritual disciplines of Bible study.

DFD 7 (revised) Our Hope in Christ: The Navigators
In this unique study of 1 Thessalonians, discover firsthand how to undertake a comprehensive analysis of a book of the Bible and gain effective Bible study principles that will last a lifetime. How can you study the Bible in depth on your own?

DFD 6 (revised) Growing in Discipleship: The Navigators
This concise, easy-to-follow study will provide insight and encouragement to help you grow as a true disciple of Christ by learning to share the blessings you've received from God. How should you as a growing disciple of Christ truly express your faith?