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True Woman: You’re On His Mind
It’s nice to be remembered. A card on a special day, a look from a knowing friend, a new acquaintance that thinks enough about you to call you by name. What does this personal attention—this remembrance—from the God of the universe mean?

True Woman: On the other side of the move . . .
I know I can’t be the only one who sometimes feels that God is withholding something good from them. And I suspect I’m not the only one who can become so fixated on what I don’t have that I miss the unexpected ways God’s meeting those very needs.

Revive Our Hearts: Habakkuk: Moving from Fear to Faith
Do you ever feel like God is not hearing your prayer? The prophet Habakkuk did. He looked at the injustice around him and wondered why God did not seem to change the situation. As he continued to look to God, the prophet ended up getting answers—but they were far different from what he expected. Learn how to worship in the middle of worry, confusion, and frustration in this practical series on Habakkuk.

True Woman Blog: Uniting My Heart with the Almighty
What an awesome thought! Uniting my heart with the Almighty. Being one with Him through abiding in Him. Having my will united with His in truth. Being one in desire, purpose, intention, mind, motive, heart, and spirit . . . in order to pray effectively.

True Woman Blog: What's the big deal with traditional marriage? Part 2
Although people have various reasons for where they come down on the issue of homosexuality, for me it is more about the nature of God than about sexual preference.

True Woman Blog: Defending the Faith
People who argue against the existence of God need to be pointed to the evidence that supports His reality.

True Woman Blog: Tethering
When I am not proactive about my relationship with God, I “drift” into my own way. A canoe that is not tethered to a pier drifts out into deep waters where it can be capsized by high waves.

True Woman Blog: Only A Little Strength
It’s not that I’m surprised by my “little strength and ability.” In fact, daily those truths flash like a neon sign in my mind. What’s surprising is that the Lord doesn’t see them as hindrances.

True Woman Blog: "Good Tidings" for Fearful Days
It's easy to be afraid today, hearing news reports of wars and bombings, listening to dire financial predictions, and seeing corruption all around us. But God does not want His children to struggle with fear. His message throughout Scripture is “fear not.”

True Woman Blog: Recovering the Wonder
If your passion for God has grown cold, consider refueling your fire this way . . .