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Infinite in the Bible - a Christian perspective
God's wisdom and power are beyond our ability to comprehend. God is an infinite being; there is no limit to His power and holiness.

The earth - a Christian perspective
The earth belongs to God--He created it, and He continues to rule over it. Man has been given dominion over the earth, but in the end it belongs to God and nobody else.

God and sin - a Christian perspective
This passage explains God's attitude toward sin--in short, there's no place for sin in God's kingdom! God holiness is antithetical to any sin, and nobody who truly serves God will live a life filled with sin.

Boundary in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Who is powerful enough to establish the boundaries of the oceans and skies? Only God--and this psalm praises Him for His majesty and authority over all of Creation.

"Strong" in the Bible: Psalm 24:8
God is often described as if He were a mighty warrior, strong and invincible. No power on earth can stand up to God; His followers can take heart in the knowledge that nothing can harm them while He stands guard.

I and my Father are one - a Christian perspective
In one of the most clear statements of his divinity, Jesus claims in this passage that he is one with God the Father.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries, Inc. - The Truth About the Weather Channel - #8223 | Radio Program | A Life That Matters
You know, it didn’t really matter what any of us had planned for that week. God changed all our plans.

My father in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Jesus declares in these verses that he and God are one. He declares his father to be greater all. This verse is a clear indicator of the Trinity.

God in the Bible: Genesis 1:1
"In the beginning...." What an amazing introduction to the God of the Bible. This brief verse tells us that God was present at the very creation of the universe. Whatever one's beliefs about how Creation occurred, God's guiding hand in it is established in the Bible's very first verse.

Come and see - a Christian perspective
Anyone who doubts God's power or His love for humanity is challenged to look around them. Both the world around us and the history of God's people clearly show God's power and His love for His people.