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Greg Gordon interview: What does genuine revival look like?
What does real, genuine revival look like? What can we learn from past revivals in history, and...

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Greg Gordon : A Quake That Shook England
As an earthquake shakes the earth bringing keen awareness to its activity so our subject George Fox quaked with such force that the england was made aware of this young firebrand in the hand of the Lord. With not man as his teacher but God; he brought messages upon common folk and priests...

Greg Gordon : A New Breed Of Modern Preachers
God is raising up a new breed of preachers in our day. People are sick of modern day soft preaching that does not move our consciences anymore then a worldly movie would. God is going to raise them up, they will not be bred in modern day seminaries or bible colleges...

Greg Gordon : A Different Race of Men
Help, Lord; for the godly man ceaseth; for the faithful fail from among the children of men.” The psalmist penned this startling observation in his day but how true for us as it speaks of our current situation. As another translation states: “have vanished from amongst men...

PRAYER: Prayer Sheet for SermonIndex and Greg Gordon
I am thankful for the prayers of the saints. I truly believe that this ministry is having a impact for the kingdom of God soley because of the prayers of the saints across the world. May I encourage and re-kindle this prayer for this ministry and myself. audio sermons: Greg Gordon
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