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Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Into the Likeness of Christ
I was a young religious girl, who did everything my parents and others wanted me to do. I actually forsook myself for the sake of others' happiness. I thought I was okay and was already right with God, because what was I to repent of? I thought I was already a perfect being!


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Other Side of the Door
He began working a temporary job at a ministry with his dad in Arkansas. During his time at that job, he worked at a community outreach event hosted by Ron Hutchcraft Ministries called "Community Impact Week". While visiting him, I attended the events. I guess the real difference in me started there. ... After several nights of attending this multi-night event, the invitation was given and I felt stirred. I went up and bowed my head. I’m sure I had done this before and I understand that once you do it, it’s forever, but had I ever meant it?


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Five Secrets to a Great Relationship With God
Relationships define our lives and make us who we are. When you begin your personal, love-relationship with the God who made you, it's important to learn more about your new relationship because it's life's most important relationship.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - From Restless to Making a Difference
Follow Daniel's example and live an extraordinary life!


The Workplace
Work, Job or vocation is a word we use to start to describe what we do in life... Vocation has its root from the Latin verb “to call;” thus, our vocation and job is actually a call, similar to a minister. So


Lordship of Jesus
Jesus is described as the Immutable, Eternal, Most Holy, and Supreme God. This implies several questions to us: one is who is Jesus to you? What have you done with this knowledge?


Do You Know What Worship Is? Worship is a covenant and call from our Lord to come before Him and meet with Him with reverence, gladness, and joy.


Building a Church. “Our Expectations or God’s Characteristics” Leadership expectations of pastors and elders are often unrealistic and not centered on what...


Spiritual Warfare
Do you know what Spiritual Warfare is all about? Some Christians spend all their energies on this subject while others do not even know that they are to be on guard against Satan and his demons.


What is Stewardship? There are two words that send the average congregation and common churchgoer into fear and panic, from the leadership and pastorate, that fears to offend...