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Journey to Bethlehem Advent Bible Reading Guide
Spend just a few minutes each day following the Bible’s story of Jesus’ birth. "Journey to Bethlehem" provides you with one short scripture reading each day followed by a reflection question or two designed to help you see how God promised the world a Savior and then kept that promise. Starts November 30th.


Christian writer housestyle guide to grammar, punctuation and writing style
This house-style guide was produced by a UK Christian printing ministry for writers of books and magazines and is used by permission. It also aims to be international in scope. The BBC offers a detailed style guide for Journalistic Writing in PDF format. Although some applies specifically to writing for radio, there is the same need for clarity and brevity as on the Web.


Book review: Damaris study guides
Damaris are a leading Christian ‘culture-watch’ group who help Christians and non-Christians understand developments in contemporary culture. Their resources also include material for teachers and youth-workers, books and evangelistic CDs.


Book review: The Rough Guide to the Internet, by Duncan Clark, Peter Buckley
If you or those in your church or organisation are not web experts, a secular guide to the Web is very useful. This is a good example. Written in plain English, it covers everything from getting online for the first time to newsfeeds, Internet telephony and advanced tips and tricks guaranteed to turn casual surfers into Net gurus.


"Guide" in the Bible: John 16:13
The promised Holy Spirit fills believers with His strength, and guides them through life. We are not left to find our own way through a world hostile to Christ and his teachings.


Guidance in the Bible: Psalm 25:4-5
One of God's roles in a Christian's life is as a guide, a source of wisdom. When we are open to hear His voice and read His word, we find ourselves moving along the path He has laid out for us.


"Garden" in the Bible: Isaiah 58:11
God provides spiritual nourishment to His followers, who grow in maturity as a result, just as a garden blooms when it's connected to a good supply of water. Plant and water metaphors are often used to describe our dependence on God, and the growth we experience when we're connected to Him.