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The Man Who Saved Thanksgiving - #6749
In a spiritual sense, you can have some Native Americans at your table this Thanksgiving as you bring them to the Throne Room of our Father in heaven, who sent His Son for their people and my people.

A Stick of Dynamite
when you give someone the Good News about Jesus, you're planting that stick of holy dynamite in their hearts. It's dynamite strong enough to demolish the walls, the defenses they have built around their lost heart. And God knows exactly what time is the right time to push "detonate."

The Rewards of Not Moving - #6497
Most importantly, follow Christ patiently, doggedly, stubbornly every day for a lifetime. Even when you can't feel anything, when you can't hear His voice, it is the loyal followers of Christ who see Him as nobody else does.

The Delete Button You Can't Reach - #6253
The awful harvest for your sin was taken by Jesus on the cross, so you could make the greatest trade in the world - eternal death for eternal life.

The Greatest Opportunities of Your Life - #6230
It's time to do whatever it takes to bring in the people that Jesus died to rescue because Jesus keeps doing things to get them ready for Him. He's trusting you to go after the harvest, not sleep through it. The opportunities to help people be in heaven with you are the greatest opportunities of your life. It's time to drop everything and run to the harvest.

The Seeds You're Planting - #6075
Don't sow seeds of bitterness, cynicism, criticism, or of negativity. Life's too short for that. Sow the seeds of God's unconditional love, of God's dependable promises - Jesus-seed. The harvest will come - some while you're here, some after you're gone. But think legacy, so the seed sown by your life will still be blooming and beautifying long after you're gone!

Fixing The Fixed, Ignoring The Broken - #2576
Harvest is urgent business. If the harvest workers don't get busy, and act quickly the harvest will die. And so will it be said there were people around us ready for Jesus - we weren't ready to go to them - they won't be ready for eternity. That'll be true unless we move beyond just fixing those who are already fixed - and start working on the ones who are broken!

It Ain't Over! - #2581
You can't tell what God is going to do for a wonderful finish to this game. God has a way of hitting a bases loaded, grand slam home run in the bottom of the ninth with two outs - if you don't give up before that harvest comes! I just hope you don't miss that grand finish because you gave up on the game too soon!

Harvest is plentiful - a Christian perspective
Humanity is often referred to in the Bible as a harvest that's waiting for the farmer to come and gather it in. There are many people waiting to hear God's word; the workers--evangelists--have their work cut out for them.

Lord of the harvest - a Christian perspective
The mission field is described in the Bible as a harvest waiting to happen: people are ready and waiting to be gathered into God's kingdom, and just need somebody to go out and invite them in. Here, God is referred to as the "Lord of the harvest."