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Church history’s darkest moment? Looking back at the Crusades
What's the worst thing Christians have ever done? If you said "the Crusades," it's hard to argue...

20th Century Missions Focus: Billy Graham and Others
Sometimes we needn't look too far into the past to glimpse amazing faith, and in some respects...

Happy birthday, Mendelssohn!
The Christian church may not be the musical trendsetter that it has been in past centuries, but...

Lincoln and Darwin: a tale of two culture-shapers
It's a big day for significant birthdays. 200 years ago today, two of the most influential men in...

The story of Saint Valentine
What is a Valentine, exactly? It's not just a mildly witty romantic card you pick up at the...

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History in the Bible - a Christian perspective
It is important for Christians to be aware of the history of the believers who preceded them. We follow the same God and look forward to the same hope as countless believers who have come before us.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries, Inc. - The Middle East Minefield - #8209 | Radio Program | A Life That Matters
I’m Ron Hutchcraft, and the focus of the news will shift every day to the hot-spot du jour. But the spotlight of God, the Lord of history, is always focused on the Middle East. It's where God planted the people He chose.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Security in Stormy Times
In these verses there are at least three things that God accomplishes by changing the season in our lives. Number one is pride-busting. You just have everything figured out, and then God does something to change the season. Secondly, is trust-building. He puts you in a place where you must trust Him even for the food you eat. Thirdly, changing seasons can be life-bettering. He took His ancient people through a wilderness because it was the way to the Promised Land.” There’s no way to the Promised Land except through the wilderness, and there’s no way to Easter except through Good Friday.

Early Church Modules | Christian History Institute
Early church study modules from Christian History Institute.

Welcome : Christian History Institute
Welcome page of Christian History Institute and Torchlighters Christian heroes DVD series

Left of Matthew: Norman Hubbard
Left of Matthew Exploring the Great Ideas of the Old Testament Rediscover the foundation of your faith. The Old Testament chronicles God’s relentless pursuit of His children and lays the foundation for a new covenant through Christ.

Chasing Francis: Ian Morgan Cron
Chasing Francis A Pilgrim's Tale Francis's story intertwines with the conversations, encounters, and poignant journal entries of a disillusioned New England minister.

The End of Religion: Bruxy Cavey
The End of Religion. Encountering the Subversive Spirituality of Jesus. Jesus, a Radical who Never Intended to Found a New Religion.

History : The Navigators
The history and heroes of the Christian Church.

When Revival Comes
Hear dramatic accounts of how God has intervened in some of the darkest moments of history to call people into the Kingdom.