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Give thanks for mom!
This Sunday is Mother's Day in the U.S.—the perfect opportunity for you to tell mom that...

The spirit of Pentecost
Do you know what today is? Most of you know probably know that it's Mother's Day. But while it's...

Why celebrate Thanksgiving?
Those of us in the United States will celebrate Thanksgiving in just a few days. Unlike Christmas...

A Christian perspective on Veteran's Day
Veteran's Day (commemorated elsewhere in the world as Armistice Day or Remembrance Day) is...

Finding a Christian perspective on Black Friday, holiday sales, and yet another commercialized Christmas
Brace yourselves for Black Friday! In a sign that the holiday season is finally and officially...

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Not Just at Christmas - #6509
Today move beyond a religion about Jesus - to this love relationship with Jesus. Move from just believing things about Jesus - to really belonging to Jesus.

Revive Our Hearts: Mary's Secret to Embracing Life-Shaking Circumstances (Janet Parshall)
Set aside Christmas decorations, carols, and cards. Get fresh perspective on a poor, young girl tasked with a gigantic assignment. Janet Parshall helps you see the faith of Mary of Nazareth with new eyes.

Second Thoughts About Giving Thanks
Is there a downside to our public expressions of thanksgiving?

Give Me a Thankful Heart
Wherever you are, let us make each day a day of thanksgiving in our hearts--for God's great love gift to the world in his Son, Jesus.

Thanksgiving, Acceptance
Four women, four unique stories of how each found value and direction for their lives through the Bible and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Thanksgiving All Year
We have so much to be thankful for every day. God continually provides for all our needs. So let’s make Thanksgiving a year-long celebration.

Give thanks: Thanksgiving essays from the community
Take a few minutes today to check out these Thanksgiving articles, especially if you’re not feeling particularly in a “thanksgiving mood.” Giving thanks is an important and deeply rewarding element of the Christian faith, and now’s the perfect time to learn more about cultivating a thankful heart.

A Christian perspective on Black Friday, holiday sales, and a commercial Christmas
Brace yourselves for Black Friday! In a sign that the holiday season is finally and officially upon us, Wal-Mart, Target, and other major retailers have just released ads for their Black Friday sales—roadmaps for the annual shopping frenzy following Thanksgiving. What's a Christian to do?

A Christian perspective on Veteran’s Day
Every year in early November, Veteran's Day reminds us of the countless men and women who have served in the military. American soldiers—and their brothers in arms from other countries—have marched, fought, and sometimes died in places all over the globe.

Bible Concordance :: Sabbath
Atime of rest or ceasing to work. In the Old Testament, God told his people to celebrate Sabbath days (the seventh day of the week and other holidays).