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Today's devotional: acknowledging the "otherness" of God
God is pretty familiar to us today. We hold casual conversations about Him; we attach his name to...

Today's devotional: are you a Pharisee?
Have you ever been called a "Pharisee"? I hope not—it's a term deeply associated with...

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Thoughts About Holiness — A Transformed Mind
“I am not indebted to you, nothing stands between us.” This is a greeting in Uganda, Africa. How do we know in our lives that we have been set apart, have been made holy? By our actions and response. I remember how my sister Betsie really grew in holiness. I once read a letter which […]

Holiness Fire-Starter | Christian History Institute
Transformed by her child’s fiery death, Phoebe Palmer lit the flames of revival on two continents from the pages of Christian History magazine.

True Woman Blog: From Holi-Dazed to Holy Day
A real turning point during the Christmas season came for me when I changed the word "holiday" into "holy-day." When I remember that Christmas is the day Jesus broke through the barrier that separates heaven and earth to create a bridge for us to have eternal life, it doesn't remove the busyness of the season, but it does restore perspective.

Holiness: The Heart God Purifies (Study Guide)
This study will encourage you to take a fresh look at our holy God and to engage in a lifelong pursuit of the holiness to which He has called us (Discussion guide from Nancy Leigh DeMoss' book, "Holiness: The Heart God Purifies").

Are You Ready for Company
Learn along with the apostle Paul what it means to live a holy life (includes application questions).

Praises of His people - a Christian perspective
Holiness is one of God's most defining characteristics. This psalm describes God as embodying, or being present alongside, the praises of His people.

God is holy - a Christian perspective
God's holiness is one of His most defining traits. He is perfectly pure, and so holy that sin cannot exist within His presence.

"Be holy" in the Bible: 1 Peter 1:15-16
Why should Christians try to live a holy life? Because God is holy, and in our love for Him, we should seek to emulate him with our own lives. We are often called to be imitators of Christ, and holiness is one of his most defining traits.

What God Gives Bonuses For - #5811
We can't earn our relationship with God. Heaven is based on us trusting completely in the work that Jesus did on the cross. But God's rewards in heaven, but also here on earth, are based on how we live. And He's got His eye on you. He has some wonderful life-bonuses He wants to give you. But He's a holy God. He can only reward holiness.

Cleanliness in the Bible - a Christian perspective
In Deuteronomy, God gives the Israelites instructions on cleanliness. He basically outlines a system of waste management with the exhortation that they should keep it up so that their camp may be holy.