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Finding Hope in the Midst of a Job Search
The anxiety of losing a job can be crippling. One feels as if the life they have cultivated over...

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Hope in God - a Christian perspective
We should find our hope in God alone. He is the only one who can give us true rest since he is our rock and salvation.

Blessed hope - a Christian perspective
What is the single, central hope that lies at the center of the Christian faith? Jesus Christ, and his promise that we can be made right with God by believing in him.

Miserable - a Christian perspective
If Jesus' claims weren't true--if the promise of the kingdom of God and life after death was a lie--then Christians would be deluded and truly miserable. But our hope extends beyond just this life; we trust God's promise to us to reach past our short lifespan on earth.

Living hope in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Christians have a "living hope" in Jesus Christ. We place our trust and hope in him, who died for our sins and was raised again from the dead.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries, Inc. - Hannah Montana's Nightmare - #8285 | Radio Program | A Life That Matters
Life for Miley Cyrus–a.k.a., pop star, Hannah Montana–hasn’t always been as cool as it is today. In her autobiography, she describes her pre-teen years as “friendless, lonely and miserable.” She says she was “scrawny and short” and some girls she describes as “big and tough” terrorized her; locking her in a bathroom, trying to goad her into fighting them, taunting she would never amount to anything. She lived in fear most days at school. She’s a star now, so she’s not treated that way anymore, but she’s been recycling that garbage. She said, “I didn’t dare forget the struggle. There was a reason for it. I brought that girl with me, and she reminds me to be compassionate, to not hold grudges, to be supportive, to be there for others when I know I’m needed.”

Hold on - a Christian perspective
What can Christians hold on to when life is difficult, and we're flooded by trials and challenges? To the hope that God holds out to us--that Jesus saves us from our sin, and brings us into a relationship with God.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries, Inc. - Victim is Not Your Middle Name - #8261 | Radio Program | A Life That Matters
Cindy called all the way from Alaska last night to ask for prayer. She has (called) a number of times (to ask for prayer), but this call brought some painful news. Cindy was the victim of a terrible sexual assault. Thankfully, she’s getting the appropriate counseling, but she, of course, really needs prayer. And as I prayed for her on the phone, I found myself praying this way: “Lord, help Cindy to never let this experience define who she is. ‘Rape victim’ is something awful that happened to her, Lord, but it’s not who she is.”

The Music That's Always There - #5801
Maybe you're in a season right now when you've been sidelined. You feel set aside, held back or restricted. You're in a situation or maybe you have a condition that's making you very aware that you are really limited. Not all prisons have physical walls. It's easy to get frustrated, self-pitying, negative or bitter. But you can choose, as Paul did, to continue instead to enjoy your Lord; to still make His music for others.

Your "Welcome Home" - #5777
I hope you'll be encouraged by the thought of the reward you're building, the legacy you're developing and the lives that have been touched by your sacrifices who will be thanking you forever. The people you've risked to take to heaven with you will be there, humanly speaking, because you cared. The lives that have been touched by the ministries you've given to will, in the Bible's words, be "credited to your account"

The Painful Road to Beauty - #5719
Any person you know who reflects the radiance and the beauty of a life filled with God, I can guarantee you they have gotten that way, not primarily through their good times but through their great pain and struggle of the stripping processes of God.