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A Shattered Trophy - #6677
The failure of our other "gods" points the way to the true God that we were made by and made for. The God Jesus died to reunite us with. If you're tired of the disappointment and dissatisfaction, your heart is ready for Jesus; the Savior who died for you, who rose again from the dead, who's ready to come into your life and fill the hole only He can fill.


Idol - a Christian perspective
One of the Ten Commandments is this command to not worship idols or any created thing. God alone is worthy of our worship--not anything else in earth or heaven.


Graven image - a Christian perspective
The Ten Commandments expressly forbid the worship of any kind of idol or graven image. Idolatry of this sort was an everpresent temptation for the Israelites.


Idols :: Bible Word Search
Search the Bible for the keyword "idols" and see what the Bible says.


Bible Concordance :: Idol
Anything that is worshiped instead of the true God. In Bible times, idols were often statues of false gods made of wood, stone or metal. Idolatry is the worship of idols.