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Jess Ennis: good picture choices tell a story, online or in print
Britain has fallen in love. The object of our affection? Jessica Ennis, UK's heptathlon gold medal winner. Before each Olympic games, UK chooses someone to be 'the face of the Olympics'. Their picture becomes a tangible shorthand that sums up our Olympic team and hopes. Picture choice is vital, both online and offline.


Taming the Final Frontier - #5842
Something very miraculous, something transforming happens when Jesus enters the darkness in our heart. The lights go on. The darkness isn't winning anymore, and He's waiting to make that miracle your miracle.


Image in the Bible: Colossians 3:9-11
The Old Testament teaches us that we were created in the image of God. Here, we read that our hearts and minds, as well as our bodies, are being reshaped to reflect God's own image.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Setting Without The Stones - #3974
In today's world where a woman's desire to be "beautiful" drives so much of the marketing that is directed to women, it is easy for a woman to believe some very big lies about herself. The models in the magazines, the stars on the screen are supposed to define beauty. They don't. At least not according to the Creator. And He should know. Much of what we think is beauty is really a setting without the stones.


Article : Do Commandments On Tattoos and Hair Still Apply?
The Bible contains some commandments that don't seem to apply anymore such as commanding men to have short hair, women to have long hair and forbidding tattoos and body piercings. Does God care about these things any more? Do 21st century Christians still need to heed these commandments?