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Imitate in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Paul tells the Corinthians that although they have ten thousand people who will help them in their faith, they only have one father who taught them all that they know. That father is himself, and since Paul cannot be there he is going to send Timothy to help them in their spiritual journeys.


Let this mind be in you - a Christian perspective
How are Christians to think and behave? Jesus Christ is our model in all things. We are to try in all things to adopt the mindset of Jesus, with God's help.


Imitate - a Christian perspective
Writing to an early Christian church that lacked strong leadership, the apostle Paul encouraged them to imitate his behavior, and to see him as a father-figure and leader, just as he strove to imitate Christ in his own life.


"Example" in the Bible: John 13:14-16
How do we know how to act as Christians? We follow the example laid out for us in the life of Jesus Christ. Here, he models a life defined by service to others, and calls us to imitate him.