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Today's Devotional: A Samurai's Influence
Who do you influence? Today's devotional, from Our Daily Bread, draws on Nehemiah 1:11-25. It...

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Your Aroma is There Longer Than You Are - #6390
Your aroma? Yeah, it's there longer than you are, and the aroma that you should be leaving is the finest of fragrances. You should leave behind you a trail of joy, and peace, and blessing, making people feel important and listened to, cared about. Actually, what you should leave behind is the essence of Jesus.

Two-Legged Bait - #6367
What changes do your friends and family see in you that would make them want to have an explanation for those changes? That's how you draw men and women to Christ.

How Your Life - And Your Death - Can Really Count - #6198
if you haven't lived to show Christ to people, your death really can't lift Him up. The death of a man or a woman who has really lived passionately for Christ can have such incredible meaning - helping others be in heaven with you. But a life not lived for Christ just can't have that kind of meaning. Death destroys every reason for living but one - living for Jesus and what matters to Him.

True Woman Blog: Laura on "Voices": I can be useful to Him?!
"That I could be useful to God in my circle of influence was beyond my comprehension . . ."

The Danger of a Drifting Light - #6168
For the sake of the people who are watching your light, you can't afford to drift into negativity, or criticism, or cynicism, or some rebellious attitude. They'll follow you there. If you drift into selfishness, or carelessness about what you look at or listen to. If you drift into gossip, discouragement, compromise, it won't be just you going there. You're affecting other people's course every day. Don't lead them toward the rocks. You've got to hold your position. You're the light!

True Woman Blog: Girls Gone Wise 18: The Company You Keep
The Bible says that bad company ruins good morals. Do you and your friends influence each other negatively or positively?

Your Lingering Aroma - #3342
It could even be that your positive actions are actually cancelled out by the stinky atmosphere you bring - the stress, the insensitivity, and the criticism you create while you're doing all those good things. You can be doing great stuff and have a lousy attitude and drag people down. What people are supposed to experience by being around you is "the fragrance of the knowledge of Jesus."

Influence - a Christian perspective
Who do you influence? In 1 Samuel we read about how David was sentenced to death by King Saul. Because of the influence David and Jonathan, Saul's son, had on each other and their friendship, Jonathan conspired with David for a way to keep him alive.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries, Inc. - A New Set of Lenses (Part 3 of 4) | Eternal Perspectives | A Life That Matters Blog
Take a moment to think about where God has placed you. Who is within your sphere of influence that God wants you to reach with His message? Whose eternity will hang in the balance unless you, like Levi, use the influence God has given you to get those people to Jesus?

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - How to Turn Hearts
We should present Jesus in such a way that it makes a person feel loved, not condemned; bigger, not smaller. That's how Jesus treated people. And it's Jesus you represent. If it's important to do those things when votes are at stake, how much more important is it do it when lives are at stake?