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Once upon a time, Dolph Lundgren played one of cinema's most notorious (and notoriously...

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Watch Eugene Peterson talk about storytelling [video]
Storytelling, in its many and various outworkings, is vital in effective communication. If you've got 30 minutes spare this week, come back to this page and take time to learn from Eugene Peterson (Bible translator, The Message) talking to Dean Nelson about stories, the Bible, and more.

Interview with Michael Hyatt, author of new Platform book
A chance to listen to author Michael Hyatt, inteviewed by Michael Stelzner, writer of the valuable Social Media Examiner blog. Hyatt's new book 'Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World' is a practical step-by-step masterclass which is getting glowing reviews. We give it the very highest recommendation. Any non-profit, mission, charity, or church will benefit hugely from Hyatt’s insights.

True Woman: A 20-Year-Old Writes About Biblical Womanhood for Teens
Hear about the book, a little about Hannah’s story, and how it all comes back to Jesus.

True Woman: Do You Own Technology or Does It Own You?
Are you feeling over-stimulated, distracted, bombarded on all sides by information and entertainment? Listen in as I talk with Tim Challies about his brand new book, The Next Story: Life and Faith After the Digital Explosion.

True Woman Blog: Should she be a doctor?
Carolyn McCulley and Mary Kassian talk with me about an important career decision.

True Woman Blog: True Woman Teen Track: An Interview with Dannah Gresh
Curious about what the teens will be doing at True Woman's Teen Track? Dannah Gresh gives you the inside scoop.

True Woman Blog: Parenting in light of God’s grace to you
Sarah Newell is a young mom who recently realized that her method of discipline was putting her two-year-old daughter under guilt. Lots has changed, and Sarah now considers discipline a joy!

True Woman Blog: On Walking and Praying
If you at all enjoy praying or walking, can I encourage you to listen to this really practical conversation? Or, if you're feeling rather stymied in your prayer life . . . Either way, I think you'll catch a bit of Christ’s heart for the world as you listen to Erin Davis.

True Woman Blog: No longer just a “guy’s struggle”
You know it’s a struggle for guys—even Christian guys—but Christian women?

Available for Christian radio: interviewees talking about digital evangelism
The potential for online evangelism is incredible, and we are eager to share more about it. We have a panel of speakers, available for radio interview, who can cover a wide range of subjects within the field of online and mobile evangelism. They are also available for interview by print or web editors, who are writing articles on these topics.