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Summer Institute on Islam in Philadelphia: educating Christians to reach out to Muslims
Interested in ministry to the Muslim world? Before Christians can witness effectively to their...

Olympic outreach to the Middle East
As the eyes of the world are on the Olympic Games in Beijing, there are plenty of amazing success...

Reaching out to Muslims during Ramadan
For Christians, summer and autumn make up a long gap between the major holidays that dot the...

More resources about Islam and Christianity
Yesterday we pointed out a number of resources to help Christians learn more about Islam. Today...

A new website for Arab World Ministries
Arab World Ministries has a new website! For over 120 years, AWM has worked to bring the light of...

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Module 204: The Crusades | Christian History Institute
Christian History Institute's study module to accompany The Conquest of Jerusalem by Raymond d’Aguiliers.

Can Christians use the word "Allah"?
Is it correct for a Christian to use the word Allah to refer to God in Arabic?

Lausanne World Pulse - Internet Outreach to Muslims in North Africa
Public cybercafes are a safe way for people in North Africa to explore Christianity.

Lausanne World Pulse - Closed Doors/Open Windows: The New Challenge in World Missions
The Internet is opening doors to sharing the gospel in majority Muslim countries

Lausanne World Pulse - Respecting Muslims While Sharing Christ
Jesus Christ continues to woo Muslims to follow him. We must be his agents.

Lausanne World Pulse - Anthropological Insights for Gospel Communicators in African Islam
Establishing a local church in a traditional Muslim context in Africa requires emphasis on three important elements: the umma, the mosque and the folk traditions.

Lausanne World Pulse - A Focus on West and Central Africa: 520 Least-Reached People Groups
In West Africa, you will find voodoo, fetishes, ancestor worship and idolatry. But most of the least-reached peoples are adherents to Islam.

Lausanne World Pulse - Muslim Growth in the United Kingdom and Worldwide
The only two growing religious movements at the beginning of the twenty-first century are the evangelicals and the Muslims. Their zeal is similar; their devotion is real.

Lausanne World Pulse - Contextualization in the Islamic Context
Contextualization in ministry to Muslims needs to consider all the barriers to why Muslims have historically been resistant to the gospel.

Lausanne World Pulse -A Focus on South Pacific and Southeast Asia 661 Least-reached groups
Many peoples in Southeast Asia were once Hindus or Buddhists; however, Islam is the predominant religion today.