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Summer Institute on Islam in Philadelphia: educating Christians to reach out to Muslims
Interested in ministry to the Muslim world? Before Christians can witness effectively to their...

Olympic outreach to the Middle East
As the eyes of the world are on the Olympic Games in Beijing, there are plenty of amazing success...

Reaching out to Muslims during Ramadan
For Christians, summer and autumn make up a long gap between the major holidays that dot the...

More resources about Islam and Christianity
Yesterday we pointed out a number of resources to help Christians learn more about Islam. Today...

A new website for Arab World Ministries
Arab World Ministries has a new website! For over 120 years, AWM has worked to bring the light of...

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What is Islam? - Into Thy Word Ministries
Understanding and Responding to Islam in the Light of September 11. In this study, we will be seeking to better understand Islam, Afghanistan and Osama bin Laden and some of the reasons why the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 took place. What is the root of terrorism?

Basic Introduction to Islam for non-Muslims
A series of short videos that will help you to understand the basics about Islam.

10 Reasons To Believe - In The Christian Faith
In a world filled with belief systems making religious claims, how can you know what to believe? How can you know who to follow? How can we say that Christianity is true but other religions are not?

recursos gratis para las misiones mundiales
Full of free resources in Spanish about missions, with a special focus on Islam.

the use of the word "Allah" - Joshua Massey
Should Christians use the word "Allah"?

contact information for The People of the Book
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Royal Chapel of Cholula
The Royal Chapel of Cholula in the Franciscan church of San Gabriel, not far from Puebla, Mexico, is an authentic copy of the great mosque of Cordorba, Spain.

Muslim groups in Latin America - shiites, sunnis, sufis, salafis, wahabis
There are two main groups of Muslims in Latin America, with various subgroups.

A Muslim Testimony
The following is a personal testimony of someone who reverted to Islam, that was sent to an Islamic Forum in Spanish on the internet. This is the English translation of that testimony.

Basic Teachings from the Koran (Qur'an)
Some basic concepts with a reference to where it is taught in the Qur'an.