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Take a spiritual engagement survey, win a trip to Israel
Back to the Bible is running a survey contest that can net you a trip to Israel with Woodrow...

Israel, Hamas, and violence in Gaza: finding a Christian response
What are Christians to make of the latest round of violence in the Middle East? Since Israel...

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3 More Bible Studies on Jesus
Earlier I wrote about three great Bible studies on Jesus, but since then I’ve discovered 3 more wonderful studies on Jesus that I just had to recommend to you. Why so many studies about Jesus? Jesus is the hero of the Story. He is the what the Bible is all about and what we should be […]

Reaching Israel and the Jewish people with the good news of Yeshua Mashiach online
There is a high level of Internet usage among Jewish people, as you might expect for a well-educated, threatened and often scattered grouping who need to keep in touch with each other and their roots. The Internet is therefore a key medium to share the Good News about Yeshua with them.

Israelites in the Bible - a Christian perspective
The Israelites descended from Jacob. Jacob received the name Israel from an undercover angel after he wrestled with him. Israel means, he struggles with God.

Rehoboam in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Rehoboam succeeded Solomon as king of Israel, and was infamous for brutally mistreating the people that Solomon had ruled over with wisdom and temperance.

Assyria in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Assyria was a brutal and vicious enemy of Israel in the Old Testament. God used them to punish Israel for her sins, but Assyria itself never turned from its wicked ways, and is condemned by the prophet Isaiah.

Smoke in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Hosea writes about how God is angry with Israel and in this verse he gives a few images of how swiftly they will disappear. He says they are like smoke or the morning mist.

Hardened heart in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Moses asked Pharaoh repeatedly to let the Israelite people go free, but Pharaoh continually refused. The Biblical account describes Pharaoh as "hardening his heart" against Moses' request.

Red sea - a Christian perspective
God brought Israel out of slavery in Egypt with a mighty miracle: the parting of the Red Sea. The sea parted to let the Israelites pass safely through, but closed in on the pursuing Egyptians.

Israel in the Bible: Genesis 32:28
After wrestling with God, Jacob is renamed "Israel." His descendants would go on to become a mighty nation blessed by God. Their story is told throughout the Old Testament.

Covenant in the Bible: Genesis 15:1-21
The concept of the covenent--a pledge between two parties--comes up frequently in the Bible. Here we read of God's famous covenant with Abraham, which forms the basis of God's interaction with His people throughout history.