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Friday and Sunday
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Flogged - a Christian perspective
Although Pilate saw no guilt in Jesus, he gave in to the pressure of the crowd and handed Jesus over to be flogged and executed.

Fulfillment - a Christian perspective
Jesus came to earth to fulfill the Old Testament prophesies about a Savior. Here, he discusses the coming "fulfillment"--that is, his death and resurrection--with two famous Biblical characters.

Man of sorrows - a Christian perspective
The prophet Isaiah predicts the coming of the Messiah, describing him not as a mighty human king, but a sorrowful, rejected person who will bear humanity's sins even while humanity abuses and scorns him.

"By his stripes" in the Bible: Isaiah 53:5
Through Jesus' brutal suffering and death, we are freed from sin. The wounds he suffered paradoxically mean spiritual health and freedom for us, an idea memorably stated in this prophecy from the Old Testament.

Word became flesh - a Christian perspective
It's a central Christian belief that Jesus, who is God, became human and lived among us here on earth in order to carry out his saving work.

Birth of Jesus in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Mary was the mother of Jesus. She found to be with child through the Holy Spirit, not Joseph--her soon to be husband. Before the birth of Jesus, Joseph considered divorcing Mary quietly, but an angel came to him and told him not to. Mary gave birth to her son and Joseph named him Jesus per the angel's request.

Atonement in the Bible: Romans 3:25-26
Central to Christian belief is the understand of Jesus' sacrifice as an atonement for our sins. Through his death, Jesus paid the price for our sins so that we can be restored to a relationship with God.

Appeared - a Christian perspective
After Jesus rose from the dead, he didn't keep his resurrection a secret--he appeared to many people. This passage relates that he appeared to several hundred people before his ascension into heaven.

Prince of peace - a Christian perspective
One of the many titles given to Jesus is "Prince of Peace"--a ruler who brings not war and revolution, but peace and justice.

Lamb in the Bible: John 1:29
The diminutive image of a lamb is probably not what you'd associate with the Creator of the universe, but that's the title that Jesus takes upon Himself. He came to earth not as a conquering warlord or a political leader, but as a humble sacrifice for our sins.