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Today's Devotional: Half-hearted Obedience
Jonah spends the majority of his eponymous book complaining and running away from responsibility....

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Pollution Leaves a Trail - #6754
Sin twists everything around. You can't sin in a vacuum. You have an ugly trail of wounded people left behind when you're living outside of Christ's boundaries. There's pollution spattering everywhere close to you when you depart from the Word of God. The two you're hurting the most? You and a Savior who loves you very much; who died so you don't have to do that sin.

Gods That Die - #6740
It took a violent storm and near death for Jonah to wake up and let his false god die - whatever it was. See, when you cling to that false god, it says you forfeit the grace that could be yours. You're missing the best of God's gifts as long as you hang on to another god, a god that will die.

A Shattered Trophy - #6677
The failure of our other "gods" points the way to the true God that we were made by and made for. The God Jesus died to reunite us with. If you're tired of the disappointment and dissatisfaction, your heart is ready for Jesus; the Savior who died for you, who rose again from the dead, who's ready to come into your life and fill the hole only He can fill.

You Can't Run Fast Enough - #6344
When you're running from God, you are a destabilizing force on everything and everyone around you, and God is pursuing you even to this moment today. It's a good thing isn't it that parents always catch their children? Because if they didn't, eventually you know those kids would run into disaster or death. Well, God is catching you.

Why God Sends the Storm - #6101
Could it be that the storm that's hit you lately - the storm that even threatens to break up your ship - is God's tool to drive you into His arms? Not because He's mad at you, but because He loves you.

Three days - a Christian perspective
Three days after he was killed, Jesus rose from the grave. This verse points out the parallel between Jesus' time in the grave and the prophet Jonah's ordeal inside the whale.

Wickedness in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Jonah is told to go to Ninevah and tell them to repent of their wickedness. When confronted with their wickedness at the end of the book they turn to God.

The Hammer In God's Hands - #5800
The hammer that hits us in our life can either break us or build us. If we'll turn to God when we're getting hit, looking for His purposes and His message, that hammer can build us into something we've never been before.

Whale in the Bible - a Christian perspective
We read in the first chapter of Jonah that he was swallowed by a big fish after being thrown overboard. Traditionally, the fish is believed to have been a whale. Jonah lived inside of it for three days and nights.

Hebrew Jonah and the Big Fish
Hebrew: God tells Jonah to go to Nineveh & warn the people to repent. Jonah sails the other way. God sends a huge storm & Jonah is thrown into the sea. A big fish swallows him & spits him up back where he started. Jonah goes to Nineveh and they repent. Jonah is not happy and is angry with God.