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Today's devotional: becoming a person of character
In a handful of places throughout the Bible, an individual is singled out by the text and...

Today's Devotional: Letting Bitterness Go
Joseph's life was filled with evil actions that he had no control over. His...

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Joseph’s Prayer
Joseph… did what the Lord’s angel had told him to do. — Matthew 1:24 The white space between Bible verses is fertile soil for questions. One can hardly read Scripture without whispering, “I wonder…” “I wonder if Eve ever ate any more fruit.” “I wonder if Noah slept well during storms.” “I wonder if Jonah liked fish or if Jeremiah […]

3 Bible Studies on Old Testament Characters
Many people try to avoid the Old Testament, maybe unintentionally, feeling that the New Testament is more applicable and relevant to our modern lives.  Paul’s teaching on the fruit of the Spirit is much easier to apply to life than David refusing to kill Saul and cutting only a corner of his cloak.  We can […]

Hanani the Seer Imprisoned
Story of Hanani the Seer who was imprisoned for his prophecy. From Captive Faith, a production of Christian History Institute.

Joseph is Refined in Prison
How Joseph was refined by prison in ancient Egypt from Captive Faith, a production of Christian History Institute.

Joseph LifeGuide Bible Study
Joseph was able to live in forgiveness and hope, and God did great things in his life every step of the way. Paul Borthwick invites you to explore Joseph's story as a way toward discovering how God's dreams might be fulfilled in and through you.

Joseph of Arimathea in the Bible - a Christian perspective
After Jesus died on the cross, his body was taken by Joseph of Arimathea and placed in a tomb. The tomb was to be Joseph's, but he gave it up to be Jesus' burial spot.

Potiphar in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Joseph served Potiphar during his exile in Egypt, and performed well--but ran afoul of Potiphar's wife, who tried unsuccessfully to seduce Joseph and tried to cover up her act by accusing him of rape.

Birth of Jesus in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Mary was the mother of Jesus. She found to be with child through the Holy Spirit, not Joseph--her soon to be husband. Before the birth of Jesus, Joseph considered divorcing Mary quietly, but an angel came to him and told him not to. Mary gave birth to her son and Joseph named him Jesus per the angel's request.

Goshen in the Bible - a Christian perspective
After his rise to a position of influence in Egypt, Joseph invited his family (even his brothers, who had betrayed him) to come to Egypt and live in safety in Goshen, near Joseph.

Funeral in the Bible - a Christian perspective
In this passage in Genesis we read of the funeral of Jacob, father to Joseph. Joseph followed all of the customs for a proper burial, including Jacob's request of a resting place.