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True Woman: It’s Impossible to Be a True Woman!
“I can’t take this anymore!” How many times has your frustration level risen to the point that you truly believed you couldn’t handle one more thing?


True Woman: Turning the Corner on Worry Prayers
When we take our eyes off all we are not seeing God do, and begin thanking Him and proclaiming His goodness for all we have seen Him do–our perspective transforms from worry . . . to praise and gratitude!


True Woman: Can I climb up in your lap?
Jesus doesn’t look to rub shoulders with the high and mighty, doesn’t seek to gain popularity among the rich and famous, and doesn’t care about his approval rating among the American Idol crowd. He watches for the needy and bends low to pick up the humble child who reaches for Him.


True Woman Blog: Uniting My Heart with the Almighty
What an awesome thought! Uniting my heart with the Almighty. Being one with Him through abiding in Him. Having my will united with His in truth. Being one in desire, purpose, intention, mind, motive, heart, and spirit . . . in order to pray effectively.


True Woman | One of My Fave True Women
I’m thankful for the way God uses women who are gifted authors and speakers to motivate, inspire, and encourage, but I am equally grateful for those who serve in the nameless trenches of life–where only God and a few others glimpse their faithfulness.


True Woman blog: What's the big deal with traditional marriage?
Have you ever wondered why God only created two genders? Why not three ... or even four? it wasn't a random choice, but intentional on His part.


True Woman Blog: What's the big deal with traditional marriage? Part 2
Although people have various reasons for where they come down on the issue of homosexuality, for me it is more about the nature of God than about sexual preference.


True Woman Blog: Respect in the "Blogosphere"
What is your reaction when your position is challenged? To fight back in self-defense? To return criticism with criticism? To set up your defense with unbeatable logic tinged with bitter jabs?


True Woman Blog: Is God Listening?
Americans are now living in the third largest mission field in the world. Current statistics indicate that less than twenty percent of Americans attend church on any given Sunday.


True Woman Blog: Defending the Faith
People who argue against the existence of God need to be pointed to the evidence that supports His reality.