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True Woman Blog: New Year, New Focus
The Christmas rush is over, the holiday meal is behind, and you “go-getters” have probably already relegated the lights and decorations to storage. Things should be slowing down a bit, so now is the perfect time to evaluate and plan.


True Woman Blog: Inspired by the Crowd
When I consider these men and women who smiled at a death that held no power over them, who longed for the Messiah from afar, who welcomed the opportunity to die as martyrs and lived as though this world had no grip on them—it humbles me.


True Woman Blog: The Giving Cycle of Gratitude
Have you benefitted from the ministry of a pastor's wife who has faithfully served Christ? Have you demonstrated gratitude to her? You have the opportunity to get in on the "giving cycle of gratitude."


True Woman Blog: Young Love
Returning to seasons of young love can refresh a weary heart—young marital love as well as young love for the Savior.


True Woman Blog: Ready to do battle?
As we quickly approach the first True Woman ‘10 Conference, we are well aware that this is an endeavor of gigantic spiritual proportion, and as such we are calling on all prayer warriors to partner with us as we intercede for the details of the True Woman ‘10 Conferences.


True Woman Blog: Craving Fresh Bread
When my friend suggested eating at a certain café specializing in gourmet breads, I hesitated only a moment before I agreed. I hate to remind people that I have Celiac disease and am unable to eat wheat products. But I was not prepared for my reaction. I was not prepared for this old familiar longing.


True Woman Blog: Lessons Learned in the Flea House
Rodents in various sizes and stages of life, holes in the walls, the ceiling, and floors—all convinced me this was more than I could bear. But in the days to come I began to say, "Yes, Lord. I surrender to Your will."


True Woman Blog: Christ—Our Valiant Warrior!
The True Woman Conferences are designed to serve a greater purpose than just a great weekend with friends (which we hope attendees will experience), but its purpose is to inspire, equip, and prepare women to live out God's calling on their lives in the midst of a culture that presents a very unbiblical picture of womanhood.


True Woman Blog: Outrunning the Guys!
Struggling against God's design will leave you wounded and confused, wondering what went wrong. God had something much better in mind for women when He gave them life.


True Woman Blog: Come, see a Man . . .
Do you hear it? It's the sound of the gospel's transformational power at work! Only Jesus can step into a life and produce the kind of change that affects whole communities.