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True Woman Blog: How are you running?
Is your heart tied to the temporary or are you living for the forever?


True Woman Blog: A Truly Liberated Woman
Throughout history women have sought liberation through political means, financial resources, even by way of self-actualization and mystical spiritual enlightenment. But nothing else can bring true liberation—one can only find true freedom in Christ.


True Woman Blog: What I Brought Home with Me
The Heart-Changer who holds the power of the Resurrection can apply its transforming power to your marriage as He did mine. Please don’t lose heart. He can redeem. He delights in taking the broken and making all things new!


True Woman Blog: Tape, please!
I lost the battle with my tongue last night.


True Woman Blog: HALT!
I wish I had known this principle as a teen, and especially as a young bride. Practicing it would’ve saved me from countless conflicts, I’m sure.


True Woman Blog: Pull Off the Tape and Bless!
Recently I overheard a young man complain that he received plenty of pats on the back at work, but had to work really hard to ever hear any kind of compliment at home . . .


True Woman Blog: A Tribute to Kathy
My friend’s long walk through death’s shadows has ended this week. Kathy Helvey’s four-year battle with leukemia has given way to the victory of eternal life.


True Woman Blog: Kim on “Voices”: A Call to the Counter-Revolution
“We are called to fight the powers of darkness in the name, the power, and the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ, joining with God in a great rescue operation for the sake of His great Kingdom."


True Woman Blog: I have an early morning date!
I have an early morning date and every time I remind myself that “Tomorrow is the day!” excited tingles hint of the thrill it will bring.


True Woman Blog: Laying It All Out
When the vicious threats reach the King Hezekiah's ear, he knows just what to do. He goes to prayer. In childlike trust this mighty king takes the enemy’s pompous letter and literally spreads it out before God.