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True Woman Blog: Need a Peace Retreat?
How many of you are ready for a peace retreat? You don’t have to head off to a cabin in the woods (that does sound nice, though!) or rent a private hotel suite for this escape.


True Woman Blog: Rain
The added rumble of thunder--without the threat of a lightning storm--only adds to the afternoon drama.


True Woman Blog: How do I develop more love for Jesus?
For those of you who can relate to this struggle, I thought I’d share a few things I've learned that might be helpful.


True Woman Blog: Kim's Marriage Miracle
know it may be hard for you to believe, but Kim was not always as sweet as she is today! She is a trophy of God’s grace. But then, so are most of us . . .


True Woman Blog: Raising Children of Radical Faith
As a teen determined to make a difference, I wanted to live all out for Christ, whether that meant heading to a third world country to spread the gospel or immersing myself in academic theological training. One aspect of “making a difference” really didn’t hit my radar screen, though . . .


True Woman Blog: Leaves of Promise
Last summer I faced one of those painful seasons when a loved one fell to temptation at great personal cost.


True Woman Blog: Powerful Women
If you study the history of feminism, much of the rhetoric centers around women's sense of powerlessness or the perception that they have less "power" than men. But is that an accurate perception?


True Woman Blog: Seven Days with Seven Friends
Whenever I spend time with these women, I always leave with a greater appreciation for all they’ve taught me.


True Woman Blog: Living the Significant Life
I am eternally grateful for meeting Christ at a very young tender age; but I regret times I’ve wandered through the “ordinary” days, grumbled and complained as I trudged through the difficult days, and frivolously skipped carefree through seasons which could’ve been spent with more forethought and purpose.


True Woman Blog: Never too Late
Depending on your season of life, fruit bearing will be expressed through different venues.