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Today's Devotional: How Does Knowledge Affect Faith?
In the Gospels, Thomas famously doubts Jesus' resurrection. Thomas even went so far as to say...

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When You Know An Ugly Secret - #6693
The longer you wait, the worse the fallout's going to be. So, don't be guilty of obstructing justice - God's justice that is. Remember, when you know an ugly secret, knowledge equals responsibility.

Your Aroma is There Longer Than You Are - #6390
Your aroma? Yeah, it's there longer than you are, and the aroma that you should be leaving is the finest of fragrances. You should leave behind you a trail of joy, and peace, and blessing, making people feel important and listened to, cared about. Actually, what you should leave behind is the essence of Jesus.

They know nothing! Assume zero knowledge when writing evangelistic material
“Most Christian literature ... begins too far along the evangelistic process; it assumes that the reader has at least some basic knowledge of Christianity and biblical concepts,” said the director of a very effective literature outreach recently. If you grew up in a Christian environment with Sunday School or regular Bible classes, you may not realize that many people know little or nothing of the Christian faith. Even in a country such as USA with a very high level of church attendance, there are many millions of people who have never read any part of the Bible or visited a church. In other English-speaking countries including UK, church attendance is usually very low – less than 5% of the population. In most other parts of Western and Eastern Europe, India, and China, the number of Christians as a percentage of population is tiny.

How Does Knowledge Affect Faith?
Have you had any experiences where knowledge has strengthened your faith?

God knows - a Christian perspective
God knows and remembers everyone who calls out to Him. People might forget or overlook you, but God never will.

Unsearchable things - a Christian perspective
Human science and wisdom can uncover many things, but God's knowledge will always surpass them. God offers to share with us His insights when we call to Him.

The Amazing View Up Close - #5912
We make serious mistakes because we forget, or we don't know, how very big our God is. We overestimate earth-stuff and underestimate our Almighty God. A safe distance isn't really all that safe is it? Don't just believe in Him, pursue Him with everything you've got. The closer you get, the more amazing He looks.

Grow in grace - a Christian perspective
The Christian life isn't spiritually or intellectually stagnant--we are to continually seek to learn more about Christ, and to ask God to fill us with wisdom and knowledge of the extent of his grace.

Jewel in the Bible - a Christian perpspective
This verse in proverbs wisely states that lips that speak knowledge are like a rare jewel. Gold and rubies are abundant compared to the person who is full of knowledge.

Might in the Bible - a Christian perspective
King Solomon writes that we should do whatever our hands find with all of our might, because when we are dead we are dead. There's no more opportunity for work, knowledge or wisdom.