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The Bar Stays Where it Is - #6530
When sin gets close to home, it can teach us how to be more merciful than we've been before, how to be less judgmental. And it can give us a wonderful opportunity to show God's unconditional love for people whether they clear the bar or not. But we dare not try in the process of loving and forgiving and accepting people in a sinful moment. We dare not try to lower God's standard. He didn't for the man He loved deeply, and we can't either.


Precepts - a Christian perspective
One of the true ironies of life is that we find true freedom by submitting ourselves to God's rule. Rather than binding us with a long list of laws and rules, God grants us true spiritual freedom.


Laws in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Exodus 21 begins the long list of laws that God handed down to the Israelites through Moses.


Authority in the Bible: Romans 13:1-7
Are Christians exempt from having to follow human laws or pay taxes? Not according to this passage, in which Christians are exhorted to respect earthly authorities, which derive their authority from God. We are, in fact, to be model citizens, showing respect and charity to those in positions of authority over us.