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Bible Concordance :: Moses
A great leader of the people of Israel in the Old Testament. Moses led the people out of slavery in Egypt and brought God's law to them. See Exodus 1-20. Later, he led them through the desert. See Numbers 10-14. Moses died just before the Israelites entered the Promised Land. See Deuteronomy 34.

The Outflow Of The Mouth » Andy Stanley On Leadership
A leadership quote from Pastor Andy Stanley of Northpoint Community Church.

The Outflow Of The Mouth » Leadership
Quotes from a variety of different people about the topic of leadership.

Protecting and caring for your voice - Training tip for praise singers and worship leaders
1. Make sure to drink lots of decaffeinated liquid daily. Hydration is very important and caffeine has a drying effect. 2. Identify possible negative, vocal behaviors such as excessive throat clearing, coughing, loud talking, whispering, yelling, singing beyond your range, and ...