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Blazing Grace: finding freedom from sex and porn addiction
Pornography doesn't hurt anyone... does it? Statistics show us that pornography is almost...

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Love Through a Telephoto Lens - #6712
whether you're a husband or a wife, this secret of happiness is still the same. Marital and sexual fulfillment is the byproduct of focused love.

The Thought Detector - #6647
The greatest strongholds for the kingship of Jesus Christ are in our minds, and they can be, and they must be, surrendered to His will.

True Woman Blog: No longer just a “guy’s struggle”
You know it’s a struggle for guys—even Christian guys—but Christian women?

Love or lust - video clip comparison for sex versus love
Grainger Community Church have produced this effective video clip.

The Lust of the Flesh - Welcome to
Fruit of the Spirit, Part XI What Happens when we Exercise our Rotten Fruit? In Romans 12: 14-21, we are told how to treat others around us. T

The Fire You Think You Can Control - #3521
God has given us warning. This fire you think you can control will get out of control - and you will do more damage than you could ever have imagined. Your protection against the inferno is the commitment of Job 31:1 - "I made a covenant with my eyes not to look lustfully..." It's a choice. The payoff? Beauty instead of charred remains.

Girl Watching - God's Watching - #5906
Both men and women have fallen for a casualness about sex that robs it of its God-given beauty. Like snow, it's beautiful when it's fresh and clean but it's ugly when it's trampled and soiled. Godly men, make that covenant with your eyes not to look lustfully at a girl. Godly women, dress for respect, not attention like the temple of God that you are.

Uncontrolled Fire - #5862
You may be playing with fire on the Internet, in magazines you look at or movies you watch, or just in the way you look at the opposite sex, or the way you push all the boundaries in what you're doing physically with someone. If you'll be honest with yourself, you will see increasing evidence that you're not controlling your passions. They're beginning to control you. The fire is spreading.

Lust in the Bible: Matthew 5:28
Is it enough to just "do the right things"? Will that make us right with God? Not according to Jesus' famous teaching about lust and adultery, which state that God requires purity of heart as well as of body. That's bad news to anyone who thinks they're righteous before God just because of their perfect outward behavior!

Adultery in the Bible: Matthew 5:27-30
One of Jesus' most revolutionary teachings was that righteousness isn't just defined by your outward actions--it also matters what's in your heart. It's not enough to just "do the right thing" if your heart isn't in the right place. In this famous passage, Jesus teaches that from a spiritual perspective, lust is as dangerous as full-blown adultery.