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Magic in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Daniel was considered wiser than all the kings magicians and enchanters. Their magic was nothing compared to the wisdom God have given Daniel.

SpellBound: The Paranormal Seduction of Today's Kids - Book by Marcia
Have you ever wished there was a book on the occult written from a Christian viewpoint, with suggestions on how to talk about this to your kids or teens? Well, such a book now exists, SpellBound: The Paranormal Seduction of Today's Kids.

Magicians and Ventriloquists
An pro-Christian magician article by Robert H. Hill about magicians and ventriloquists. Discusses: vocabulary, the supernatural and deception.

magic-and-the-bible.pdf (application/pdf Object)
An article about magic and the bible written by Andre Kole, a professional magician and Christian. Looks into Old and New Testament passages that mention witchcraft and magic.

Shampoo Cam
Every magician must have a rabbit. I call my rabbit Shampoo. I’m sure you are thinking that is a funny name for a rabbit. Well, I call my rabbit Shampoo because it has something to do with the hare. Do you know how you get a rabbit to do tricks? You have to condition it.

Short video of a show
Most of my programs are 45-60 minutes. What would one look like if you could see it in 4 minutes? This will give you an idea of what my live programs are like.